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The IDA was founded in 1991 to facilitate a greater understanding and awareness of the teachings of Islām. It aims to educate people from all walks of life, especially young Muslims, in all aspects of their religious development.

Through the Fadhl and Grace of Allāh ta'ālā, since its inception the IDA has grown into an internationally recognised institute of academic excellence and religious revival. At present the IDA is catering for the diverse and unique needs of Muslims living in the west through a range of services, programmes, publications and activities.

It is our most heartfelt appeal to all our brothers and sisters to continue supporting the IDA in its endeavours so that it may continue with its services for a long time to come. Become a part of this as-sadaqah al-jāriyah by:

1) Making du'ā for its acceptance and success.
2) Benefitting from all of the IDA's activities.
3) Referring others who may benefit.
4) Distributing IDA literature and advertising its events in your area.
5) Providing financial support.

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