Annual Youth Conference - Useful Information

For Those Travelling from Outside Leicester

The IDA's 24th Annual Youth Conference will be taking place in the IDA’s premises. Because the building is situated in a residential area parking facilities are extremely limited. To avoid the conference being a cause of inconvenience for those living near the IDA, please try to follow the points outlined out below:

Volunteer Arranged Coaches
Travelling by Car
Travelling by Train
Travelling by Commercial Coach Services

For Residents of Leicester

Alhamdulillah, residents of Leicester have participated in great numbers in the IDA’s Annual Youth Conference over the years. The day of the conference also sees large numbers coming from outside Leicester. In order to facilitate large numbers of visitors, we request all local brothers to avoid driving to the venue as far as possible. Insha’allah, by showing consideration in this way for our guests from out of town we will not only help in the smooth running of the conference but also earn rewards.